2 Ton Tony's Fundraising Programs

 Rollin in the Dough

Times are tough and with funding sources drying up, what better way to raise money for your team, group or organization than by enlisting the help of your friends and family.  Rochester is a great place to live and the people here are keenly aware of the challenges that are right in front of them.  A fundraising event with 2 Ton Tony's can help your group and the community in many ways.  We make it easy for your group to raise money.

1. First you must schedule the date and time for your event.  Events can only be scheduled on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Typically events will have a 2-3 hour duration (5pm-8pm).

2. We will supply a customized flyer for your group to distribute to people that you invite to your event.  These flyers are used to determine your sales for the event.

3.   Promotion of the event is the key!  The more people you invite, the more money you make.  Don't be afraid to use every means necessary to promote the event...e-mail, telephone, Facebook, Twitter even contact the newspaper.  Make it viral!

4. Your customized event can earn your group as much as 15% of the gross sales amount from the event.

5. Once the event is over, 2 Ton Tony will calculate how many sales your event generated and he will issue payment to your group.  Payment is issued within 2 weeks.

Let 2 Ton Tony's show you how to Roll in the Dough   

2 Ton Tony's Gift Card Program

Another great way to help your team, group or organization is to sell them gift cards for pizza from 2 Ton Tony's.

1. Each participant in your organization will be given a pre-determined number of cards to sell.  These cards are for a Large 1-Topping Pizza from 2 Ton Tony's.  A Large 1-Topping Pizza from 2 Ton Tony's sells for $16.50.  

2. Typically the groups will sell the cards for a set amount.  This amount is always a little less than the listed price for the Pizza.  The lower amount can entice prospective buyers to take advantage of a discount.

3. Your group makes money based on the value of each sold card.  Each card is valued at 2 Ton Tony's for $9.  This means that your group is responsible to pay 2 Ton Tony's $9 for every sold card during the program.  Any additional amount earned for the cards is your group's profit on every card.

4. This fundraiser is open ended and traditionally will run for a 30-day period of time.  The cards will all have an expiration date and must be redeemed within that period of time.

Contact 2 Ton Tony's directly to take advantage of these great Fundraising Programs.

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